Visual &

Public Arts

ACFA’s visual art programs emphasize the importance of fundamental art theory, design and provide a foundation in interdisciplinary art making that integrates cultural and historical traditions. ACFA’s instructors provide a safe space to explore each student’s unique form of self expression through both traditional and informal teaching methods. We believe that effective art making is a powerful tool that can transform both the individual and the community.


“ImaginArte” is ACFA’s Visual Arts program. This program provides a creative space for cultural exploration. Youth are exposed to a plethora of cultural traditions and history through visual arts. Visual Arts activities promote cultural awareness and preservation of family values that are relevant to the community. Our visual arts workshops are open to participants of all skills and experience.

Salinas Community Beautification Program

This program is centered around the beautification of the Salinas community through murals. ACFA instructors along with community members develop murals in public spaces which in turn combat vandalism through special neighborhood art projects.