Alisal Center for the Fine Arts

Creative Community Advocacy

The Alisal Center for Fine Arts is a place where young artist come to hone their skills, wether they be cultural, musical, visual, dance or theater. For 28 years and counting, ACFA has encouraged young artists in Monterey County to achieve their full potential! Here is a complete list of our programs!

Colectiva de Mujeres: Voice of the Voiceless. The Colectiva de Mujeres convenes to uplift the voices of the women in the community through traditional healing ceremonies that encourage story sharing, capturing and conocimento. In October they will be performing a culminating event that will encompass a performance of the collective stories of the Mujeres. 

Xinatchli is the newest addition to ACFA programming. It is a comprehensive 8 week indigenous based, leadership development program that supports and guides women through their “rites of passage” process to womanhood, while focusing
on self expression and healing. Made possible by a partnership with MILPA.

Xochiti Ollin ( Blossoming Movement) is ACFA’s house theater program born out of a partnership between ACFA, The Hartnell Foundation and the Western Stage. Grounded in the values of personal development and community engagement, this program draws from a variety of theatrical techniques to prepare the young actor or actress to enter into any theatrical atmosphere with confidence, competence and grace.

La Rondalla Alisal exposes participants to the rich cultural history of Rondalla music. These guitar-centric workshops begin with the basics of tuning and strumming and graduate to chord progressions and ensemble performance. Participants have the option of joining beginner, intermediate or advanced level classes. Their guitars are supplied through a partnership with the Guitars Not Guns non-profit program.

Kalpualli Tlayolotli Danza Azteca: Participants learn the cultural and spiritual traditional dances of the pre-Columbian Aztec people. Through the dance routines and indigenous knowledge shared, students are taught to honor and respect the life elements (earth, fire, air, water, sun and moon) through rich and meaningful dance routines.

Imagine Arts In this multi-disciplinary visual arts class, participants are taught to explore and express their artistic voices through a wide range of media including, but not limited to, illustration, painting, sculpture, scenic design, costume design, photography, filming and editing.

MILPA is a collective of community advocates that draws pedagogy from the Elders. MILPA honors men, women and children through cultural rituals that encourage sharing our thoughts, intellect and understanding in response to questions, challenges and solutions on race, equity and social justice.

Platicas is another new addition to ACFA programming. ACFA and community partners responded to the recent shootings in east Salinas by partnering with facilitators from various organizations to provide the community with a safe and consistent space to process the trauma of the violence and learn more ways to advocate for themselves in an informed and peaceful manner. Platicas meets bi-monthly.

El manifesto de la Comunidad is a community driven wall mural that will highlight the rich roots of east Salinas while simultaneously visioning for the collective future the community wants to create for itself.

ESL During the fall and winter seasons, ACFA hosts free ESL classes to the adults in the community that would like to improve their English language skills.