Guitar, Son Jarocho Y Fandango, and Rondalla

The mission of ACFA’ s music programs is to provide comprehensive music education that focuses on music fundamentals, theory and performance. Our instructors formulate year-round courses with a culturally relevant curriculum that introduces students to a plethora of genres including classical music, jazz, traditional and regional Latin American music, and contemporary music. Through community performances our students gain the individual experience and professional development that will enrich their lives, carry on musical tradition, and encourage them to share this passion with their community.

Our Son Jarocho, Fandango, and Rondalla programs expose participants to the rich cultural history of music. These guitar-centric workshops begin with the basics of tuning and strumming and graduate to chord progressions and ensemble performance. Youth participants have the option of joining beginner, intermediate or advanced level classes. Their guitars are supplied through a partnership with the Guitars Not Guns non-profit program. One of ACFA’s goals for the coming year is to purchase additional professional-grade guitars so that our young musicians are properly equipped to put on an exceptional level of sound quality and professionalism.