Karla Ruiz

Director of Dance, Instructor


Karla is passionate about sharing Mexico’s traditional and creative dances and values the significant role folklorico takes in fostering healthy habits, critical thought, creative expression, and the immeasurable role of developing a strong sense of identity. A year after her high school graduation and four months after the birth of her daughter, Karla joined Tonatiuh Danzantes del Quinto Sol. Under the direction of Ramon Silva and Fabio Alvarez, a never ending appreciation for both traditional and creative dance was well engraved. Since 2017, she has devoted her time to learning, teaching, and cultivating folklorico as an art form in Salinas. She diligently attends intensive folklorico courses in respected associations such as Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos in the U.S and Asociación Nacional de Maestros de Danza Popular Mexicana A.C. in Mexico while also participating in master dance workshops.