The Alisal Center for Fine Arts is a creative hub for artists and advocates alike connecting, teaching  and strengthening our community. Through a holistic approach, we cultivate youth leaders committed to cultural affirmation and community transformation.

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A vibrant and engaged East Salinas where youth and elders are valued as leaders in the transformation of our community. East Salinas is a neighborhood that nurtures intergenerational relationships and fosters cultural knowledge and traditions through transformative artistic expression.

Sustainable Social Change happens as a result of individual transformation.

“The arts develop a capacity for self-reflection, reduce symptoms, and alter behaviors and thinking patterns. Having access to the resources and space to engage in artistic expression provides individuals with the ability explore their personal experiences while engaging all of their senses.  This type of exploration, backed by spiritual affirmation, solitude and supported by instruction and a growing sense of belonging are the key factors to shifting perspectives, gaining confidence and self-awareness.  When access is provided at an early age, negative social patterns can be detected and alleviated.”

~The American Journal of Public Health

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