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Joshua Alfaro is the Executive Director for the Alisal Center for the Fine Arts and is also the Founder & Chief Executive Officer for the Alisal Community Arts Network. He is a professional musician, music arranger, music educator and mentor for young aspiring musicians and educators.

In his 18 year career, Joshua has been fortunate to teach and direct a myriad of k-12, college and adult percussion and music programs throughout California. His passion is to positively transform the lives of young people in the East Salinas community through performing arts opportunities and mentorship.

Program Manager

Javier Tamayo


Javier Tamayo, teacher, writer, activist and performing artist holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication with a concentration in History and Social Science. He is deeply committed to educating and nurturing young leaders and new voices.

Outside of teaching Javier is a community activist and organizer and a member of Baktun 12 (a theatre troupe dedicated to inspiring working class communities through a blend of music, spoken word and teatro-style political satire). He has been actively researching his community for over 10 years through oral history projects and short films. He is passionate about understanding the the socio-historical experiences of his community.

He is also a co-founder of the Salinas Music and Arts Summit, an annual event in that invites and encourages local visual and performing artist to exhibit their work to the public.


Israel Flores, Program Assistant

Dalila Velasquez, Program Assistant

Danny Andrade, Administrative Assistant